Useful Groups & Links

Support forums for people undergoing surrogacy

These can be a useful way to talk online with others going through the same problems and processes. For each group you need to apply to become a member. Once approved membership is free.

  • Altruistic Surrogacy Australia/Surrogacy Australia forum - A place to come to share the pain of infertility with others who understand. It is a place for those who have achieved their dream of parenthood and for those who helped them do it. It is an opportunity to discuss the options of Egg Donation, Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy and support each other through these journeys. We encourage those who have completed their journeys to be a part of our group to lend support and practical knowledge to those still on their journey. It is all inclusive, welcoming partnered or single people, straight or gay. And finally it is especially for Australians and New Zealanders

  • Gay Dads Through Surrogacy - A private group for Gay Dads who have created their families through Surrogacy


Access Human Breast Milk

Human Milk for Human Babies is an international facebook initiative which puts lactating mums with extra breast milk in contact with families wanting breast milk. This is an altruistic donation-only service.

It might sound weird, but remmeber breast milk can be very good for babies born via surrogacy, even if it supplements your babies formula only now and then. Recipients should make their own enquiries with the donor to check that she is healthy and infection free. Most new mums who donate are feeding their own child(ren) and have had screening done as a part of their medical management.

Simply join the facebook page in your state and post your request. Click on the links below for your state.


AccessA  - Australia's National Infertility Network

A consumer based, independent, non-profit organisation committed to being a national voice in promoting the well-being and welfare of infertile people of all ages, through representation in the the general community and in the medical, scientific and political arenas. Their goal is to establish aliances with infertility patient association sround the workld, to raise global awareness of our collective nbeeds and to challenge the cultural taboos surounding the experience of infertility.



Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA)

Many families accessing IVF and surrogacy procedures have twins. SUch families can join their local AMBA group and have access to books, videos, playgroups and support from local families with twins. Click on the link to find your nearest Club


Connecting with a Surrogate

Altruistic Surrogacy’s primary vision is to be Australia’s best website for providing the public with clear, concise and up to date information on all aspects of altruistic surrogacy within Australia

A US-based site (see below) with a classifieds section


A US-based site (see below) with a classifieds section



Latest news releases, resources, state based contacts. Information mainly regarding  US surrogacy options


Indian Surrogacy Clinics


Global Doctor Options is a US-based site put together by Peter, an American who used an Indian surrogacy clinic. He was motivated to build the site to help others. It lists and reviews a range of Indian and Thai surrogacy clinics, as well as providing rough(!) price guides. It also has useful checklists of what to do in regard to paperwork and travelling abroad to pick up your newborn(s).

c/o Ambiance International P.O. Box 27103 Las Vegas, NV 89126 USA +1 702 920 7645


International Consumer Support for Infertility

The vision for the International Consumer Support for Infertility (iCSi) patient leader network, is to empower patients to become full partners in ART healthcare and public policy by building effective relationships with providers, governments and media world-wide.


New Zealand Surrogacy

A friendly online support group/ chat forum for New Zealander's who are interested in Surrogacy, Egg donation, Sperm donation, Adoption, IVF, and all of those issues that go with infertility. You need to register to ensure this is a secure environment


Organisation of Parents Through Surrogacy

A US national member-based surrogacy support organisation for both couples through surrogacy as well as surrogate mothers. The USA's oldest and only non-profit support group for surrogacy, offering information, networking, support and advocacy. Person-to-person contact with experienced parents and surrogates is available with a membership. So is online support through their Listserv, newsletters,  resource guides, book lists, regional meetings, legislative information and advocacy in each US state.

Also provides  free online classified ads for those looking for an egg donor or surrogate


Surrogacy Laws India


Facebook site run by New Delhi law firm providing updates on legal uisses as well as intending parents experiences, views and news .Designed to assist, reassure and market to intending parents. Users can post photos, suggestions, views, snippets

Site aims 'to create a transparent forum where all can participate and benefit'.


Surrogacy Today

US-Based News, E-books and Community website on all issues to do with surrogacy. Good international coverage. Sections include Business News; World News; Politics; Legal; Entertainment; Media; LGBT


US Chat Forums

A social networking site for moms to gather and share - for intending mothers and current mothers through surrogacy

You need to register

US volunteer-run site, providing information and support to those interested in pursuing a surrogacy or egg/sperm donor arrangement.

Includes message board, links to news articles, virtual classifieds, sample contracts for egg donation and surrogacy



Victorian Pre Birth Education

Melinda Eales, Maternal & Child Health Nurse This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0418 590 814. Offers face-to-face training (Victoria)


Bub Hub Conception Pregnancy Baby Parenting

Bub Hub :: Conception, Pregnancy, Baby, Parenting - is Australia's largest pregnancy and parenting portal - with a fully searchable, comprehensive directory of local pregnancy and parenting information, shops and services, listing over 10,000 organisations throughout Australia; a large forum and events calendar, family travel services, monthly eNewsletter, parent jobs, competitions, personalised tickers and much more.


VIC Support Group for those failing IVF in Australia 


Surrogacy can be a stressful and emotional experience. SIDS & Kids Victoria now offer a support group to couples and individuals who have been through IVF without success and are uncertain about their future. Contact Susan Christiansz or Denise Same on 03 9822 9611