Surrogacy Australia’s Support Service is a professional service based on best practice models. It is designed to support both surrogates and intended parents in forming well-suited teams and to support those teams over their surrogacy journeys with inbuilt counselling, mentoring and expenses management support.


Surrogate membership is FREE, and we will cover any costs you incur to apply, such as a GP report and your National Police check.

Intended Parent membership to SASS is $990.  This membership fee covers the cost of your advisory session, application processing and administration, pre-offer counselling (where required) and introduction to surrogates. Once your are introduced to a surrogate, a $3000 fee is payable for the support provided to you and your surrogate across your whole journey up to twelve months post birth.


Surrogacy Australia’s Support Service (SASS) is a membership based organisation which aims to be open and inclusive to all, however please see the criteria below to check that you are eligible to join SASS.


  • Age Surrogates must be a minimum of 25 years old in most states (18 in the ACT).  There is no maximum age limit for surrogates.  
  • Medical Health Surrogates must be healthy enough to carry a pregnancy.  GP reports are obtained during the application process however, if you have a medical condition, please do speak to us as it may not hinder your application.
  • BMI Some Fertility Clinics prefer that a surrogate’s BMI should be no higher than 30. A high BMI does not instantly rule you out of joining SASS. If you feel your BMI may hinder your application, please speak to us and we can give you more information. 
  • Residency Surrogate must be resident in Australia. Please note child free women who wish to act as surrogates are welcome to apply for membership to SASS.

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Intended parents must be unable to sustain a pregnancy personally.

  • If applicable, intended parents must have exhausted their options to conceive themselves, and not be trying to create their family in other ways (e.g. personal IVF or adoption).
  • Intended mothers must provide evidence that they are unable to carry a pregnancy themselves by way of a letter from their GP or their Fertility Specialist.
  • Same sex male couples will also need a letter from their GP. 

Relationship Status Intended parents who are in a long term relationship or married can apply in all states. Single applicants are eligible in most states (except the ACT and SA). We do expect this to change in SA shortly with the legal reforms being undertaken there.

Residency Where Intended Parents are a couple, they must both be resident in the Australia, and be living together.

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