When: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm Sunday 2 June 2019

Venue: Victoria University Convention Centre, L12, 300 Flinders St Melbourne

9:20 am Navigating domestic surrogacy Sam Everingham, Surrogacy Australia
9:40 am Understanding the legal issues Ben Sayer, Sayer Jones
10:00 am Finding and engaging with Australian surrogates Learn about the offline Surrogacy Australia Support Service (SASS) and how you can raise the topic with your own networks to maximise the chances of finding a surrogate Anna McKie, Surrogacy Australia
10:30am Surrogate-friendly IVF procedures Dr Glenn Sterling, Life Fertility




Ben Sayer Admitted to practice in the High Court and the Supreme Court of Victoria, Ben is a member of the Law Institute Of Victoria. He has advocated extensively in Family Law and has represented clients in relation to domestic altruistic surrogacy for over a decade.  He has advised extensively on domestic and international Adoption and Surrogacy, and takes a personal interest in this unique and specialised area of law.
Dr Glenn Sterling, Life Fertility Dr Glenn Sterling is the founding director and owner of Life Fertility Clinic located within the campus of St Andrew’s Hospital, Spring Hill, Brisbane.  Subsequent to completing his initial medical studies in Queensland, Glenn elected to undertake specialised studies in reproductive technologies including IVF in England under the supervision of Profession Ian Craft of Harley Street, London. This invaluable knowledge and training has underpinned the excellence in treatment services offered by Glenn and his team at Life Fertility Clinic. Glenn has personally sourced the expert staff necessary to offer the highest quality assisted reproductive technology treatments to Life Fertility Clinic patients.
Sam Everingham

President, Surrogacy Australia

Sam is dad to two girls Zoe & Ruby via surrogacy and has become one of the globe’s foremost commentators and researchers on surrogacy trends. He convenes conferences and seminars for intended parents in Ireland, UK, Australia and Scandinavia. Sam consults with singles and couples from around the globe to assist them to plan safe and reliable routes to building families through surrogacy. He continues to promote best practice through advocacy, education and research. He founded Surrogacy Australia in 2011 and sits on an advisory group for the Victorian Assisted Reproduction Treatment Authority.
Anna McKie, Surrogacy Australia Anna is a school teacher and is closely involved the Australian surrogacy community.  Anna is currently matched as a surrogate with a South Australian couple and leads Surrogacy Australia’s new Support Service
Rita Alesi Monash IVF Rita has 25 years experience as a psychologist and 22 years experience working in IVF settings. She is the Manager of Monash IVF Counselling Services. Rita maintains a special interest in female and male reproductive health and reproductive grief and loss. Currently primarily involved in providing counselling and assessment for surrogacy and  complex donor cases for local and overseas recipients. She is a member of Fertility Society of Australia, Australian New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association, Australian Psychological Society, the APS and the College of Counselling Psychologists
Katrina Hale Katrina is a Sydney-based Psychologist and Infertility Counsellor with over 20 years counselling experience. She is passionate about surrogacy and a strong supporter of all walks of the community that wish to create a family through surrogacy. She is committed to helping Intending Parents and Surrogates and their partners successfully navigate their surrogacy journey together.
Sarah Jefford Sarah Jefford is a family and surrogacy lawyer, practising across Australia. She is an IVF Mum, an egg donor and a traditional surrogate, delivering a baby for two dads in 2018. Sarah publishes The Australian Surrogacy Handbook and produces The Australian Surrogacy Podcast.
Kate Bourne


Kate has worked as an infertility counsellor for twenty years and is the chair of the ANZ Infertility Counsellors Association. Senior Community Education Officer at the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority, Kate has a keen interest in helping parents through surrogacy feel comfortable sharing their stories with their children. She runs an annual ‘Time to Tell’ seminar in Melbourne and has written’ Sometimes it Takes Three to Make a Baby’ explaining egg donation to children.
Claire Wyborn Claire’s focus  is to provide a memorable, fulfilling and rewarding experience for all parties, by encouraging you to trust yourself, to trust your body’s ability to grow, birth and nurture your baby. She aims to support you to make the best decisions surrounding your care and birth options
Rachel Kunde A Queenslander, Rachel first became interested in egg donation in 2005. Frustrated at the absence of information available, she took over administration of a popular Donor forum. Between 2005 -2008, Rachel donated her eggs 4 times to 3 couples, resulting in the birth of three girls. Rachel describes her progression to surrogacy as: ‘the next natural step in helping infertile couples’. She has traversed six surrogacy journeys, four of them successful – some traditional, some gestational for  heterosexual and gay couples. Rachel is a very busy mother to her own three daughters and a midwife. The past secretary of Surrogacy Australia, Rachel’s knowledge, passion and perseverance has made her a legend within the surrogacy community.
Simone Cureton Simone has one daughter who is  13 years old and a step daughter who is 11. Simone had one false start in trying to meet IPs and because of that experience decided to look locally. Her  IPs, Mel and Dave, are in Adelaide. Coincidentally they  joined the SA group around the same time in April 2017 and began chatting end of June 2017. They attended a local catch up dinner in July 2017 and met in person – it was like meeting people she had known  a while. Mel and Simone decided to have lunch. Very soon after that, Simone officially offered. She birthed in December 2018
Marnie Blair Marnie is a gestational surrogate living with her husband and two young children in North-West Sydney. Before engaging IPs, She and her husband sought counselling from a well regarded surrogacy counsellor.  In February 2017 she met her Canberra based IPs through the Australian Surrogacy Community Facebook page. She birthed her first surrogate baby in August 2018.
Amanda Meehan Amanda is a 30 year old mum to four kids of her own and lives in South-east Melbourne. She used her own eggs in a traditional surrogacy arrangement for a same sex Victorian couple and gave birth in March 2018. She will talk about the experience and the headspace involved in traditional surrogacy as well as post birth emotions.
 Ruben Branson Ruben & his partner Felicity live in Melbourne. Ruben was there to support Felicity as she carried for a gay NSW couple who they had known as friends for 15 years. Surrogates’ partners are often the unsung heroes of these journeys
Amber Russell Amber is mother to three kids of her own and has five years experience donating her eggs to nine different recipient couples in NSW & Victoria, both gay and heterosexual. She has undertaken egg retrieval in Queensland and Victoria and is the queen of surrogacy loopholes. Amber is in the planing stages of carrying as a surrogate.
Glenn Trainor Mike and Glenn’s surrogacy journey saw them look at options around the world before finding a surrogate and egg donor locally. Their daughter Annabelle was born in May 2018. Glenn and Mike actively support the surrogacy community running a Facebook page for gay intended parents.
Lisa Leggett From the first FTS event Henry & Lisa Leggett attended three years ago, it was clear they were determined to make surrogacy work for them. Their support for the Australian Surrogacy Community and their shared journey with their surrogate Emmy Gwynne has been an inspiration to many. Lisa will talk about sourcing donor eggs from their best friend Kate King to matching with a local surrogate, to pregnancy attempts, to supporting Emmy’s needs and their own through the emotional landscape of surrogacy
Shaun Larkin Shaun and his partner Jeremy began their surrogacy journey in 2016, research both local and international options. In 2017 they went through two egg donation cycles with their best friend Steph, and began the surrogacy process in Victoria with their QLD-based surrogate Nicolle and her wife Jane, who they had been introduce to by mutual friends. They were lucky to achieve a pregnancy on the first transfer, and in March 2019 Nicolle gave birth to Shaun and Jeremy’s beautiful son Elio.
Michael Langtree Michael & Terry started their surrogacy journey in 2011 when conversations with friends evolved into offers to help them start their family. They now have 4 year old daughter named Harper and a second daughter   Both feel blessed to have been given such wonderful gifts from the two women who have made possible the birth of our daughters. They were fortunate to have their children through domestic surrogacy and will talk about their journey
Marian Sandberg Marian & David live in Adelaide. Marian required surrogacy due to complicated auto-immune diseases which would put her and her baby’s health at serious risk. They met with their (now) close friend and surrogate – Brisbane based Rachel Kunde. While they experienced tragedy  on their first surrogacy journey, they refused to give up. David and Marian welcomed baby Matilda in June 2018 again with the help of Rachel.  Marian has been a tireless volunteer within the domestic surrogacy community
Tamzin Mclean
Tamzin is a 20 year old who works at Grill’d and lives in Blackburn North. Her Mum and Dad required an egg donor after her Mum was incorrectly diagnosed with early menopause. They used a known donor. Tamzin was conceived on the 2nd attempt and her younger brother was conceived on the 5th attempt. Tamzin has known of her creation story since she was two years old.
Mel Sweeney Melissa is 26 year old PhD candidate at Monash University and a musician in her spare time. Melissa and her younger sister were conceived thanks to egg donors. She has known of her unique parentage since the birth of her sister when she was eight years old.